What is the new film?

The new film is Santa RAE 1000. A new 35mm 1000 ASA high speed black and white film.

Is this a new emulsion?

Yes. Outside of the powers of the north, this has not been available to humans or the analog community worldwide.

Am I charged money now?

No. We won’t ask anyone to purchase until the first 1000 rolls are ready for shipping via human logistics. Also at that time we can calculate exact shipping costs.

Will there be more?

Santas factories do manufacture this yearly, so it is possible that I ask once I can show humans are using it nicely and not naughtily. It could also be distributed in other formats.

Will it be DX coded?

You humans have too many digital film cameras. We use fully mechanical ones at Korvatunturi. The first batch will be hand spooled into old canisters, so there might be a DX code, but it might also be the wrong DX code. You can deactivate it by adding any sticker on top.

How can I help?

Elves have no access to human social medias and it would be quite odd of me to pop up at your local camera club, please do share with your friends for me.

When will it be available?

The first 1000 rolls are being shipped as of March 6th 2019.