Testing the New Santa Rae 1000 High Speed 35mm Black & White Film

New Film, New Emulsion

Apparently there’s a new film coming to market, called Santa Rae 1000. It is an ISO 1000 black and white film and from what I understand, it is a completely new emulsion. Juho, who you might remember from Camerarescue.org sent me a 24 exposure roll to test out. I don’t know much about the film, other than it’s available in 35mm format and one mysterious roll of it was was dropped into my mail box couple of weeks ago.

The film was completely different from what I was expecting and honestly quite a positive surprise! I was expecting it to resemble Silberra films or Street Candy ATM 400, but it actually has quite unique characteristics. Definitely not a generic film — really fresh look-and-feel.