Developing Santa Rae 1000 Film

Below you will find information for developing with: Kodak D76, Kodak XTOL, Kodak HC-110, Silberra AKFF, & a Caffenol-C Recipe.

The Santa 1000 RAE emulsion is new outside the powers of the north! Early testing was done with various developers across 8 rolls of the film. Today (6th of March 2019) the first 1500 test rolls began shipping for human testing.

If you are one of the first testers please share your best practices and feedback on the film - comment below this post, tag #santa1000 on instagram, or send us an electronic mail letter.

If your findings are super helpful we will gladly send you some new film for your help.

Developing Santa 1000

Kodak D76

  • at 1:1 for 13 minutes 30 seconds

So far the best results for developing Santa Rae 1000 have come from using Kodak D76 black and white film developer at 1:1 and for 13 minutes 30 seconds. You can see some results via this process at the Santa 100 review below.

Kodak XTOL

  • at 1:1 for 13 minutes 30 seconds

We have also seen good results from the same process but using Kodak Professional XTOL Black and White Film Developer. To reiterate that would be Kodak XTOL at 1:1 and for 13 minutes 30 second.

Through this process some quality degradation occurred when continuously spun on a JOBO for the duration. Therefore we recommend agitations by hand if using Kodak XTOL

Kodak HC-110

  • Dilution B (1:31) for 16 minutes

Additionally Kodak HC-110 in dilution B (1:31) produced very pleasing images. Developed for 16 minutes at 20ºC / 68ºF with continuous agitation on a JOBO. While continuous agitation worked well here keep in mind hand agitation is recommended for XTOL as mentioned in the previous section.

This method was performed by Nicolas Llasera and the images can be seen in his YouTube review.

Silberra AKFF (XTOL Substitute)

  • at 1:1 for 13 minutes 30 seconds

We also achieved nice results again with the same times as above and an XTOL substitute Silberra AKFF.

More options

For developers not mentioned above please develop Santa 1000 as if it were Kodak TRI-X @iso1600, we expect good results from this.

Caffenol-C (Develop Santa Film with Instant Coffee!)

You Will Need:

  • 750 ml Water to 10tsp Instant Coffee

  • 10 tsp (teaspoon) soda crystals

  • 1,5 tsp ascorbic acid (Vitamin C)

  • 2,5 tsp iodised salt


  1. Measure 750 ml clean water and divide it equally to two cups.

    • Add 10 tsp soda crystals to first cup, stir until dissolved.

    • Add 2,5 tsp salt to solution, stir until dissolved.

    • Add 1,5 tsp ascorbic acid, stir until dissolved.

    • Stir until all substances dissolve and liquid is clear.

  2. Add 10 tsp instant coffee to clear water in the second cup, stir until fully mixed.

  3. Combine these two solutions in one cup. Developer is ready!


  1. Develop Santa 1000 in 20ºC / 68ºF for 15 minutes, agitating once every minute.

Information for Caffenol-C developing provided by Sami Lamminen (Instagram)